What Nail-Biting Does To Your Teeth

What Nail-Biting Does To Your Teeth


People of all ages are no strangers when it comes to biting their nails. Often, nail-biting is one of the common coping mechanisms that a person does when anxious or stressed. Not many people are aware of the consequences when they bite their nails frequently. There are many reasons why you should stop your habit of nail-biting. It can lead to infections, diseases, damage the skin on your fingers, change your finger’s shape, and most significantly, affect your teeth. At South Cambridge Dental, we can help you lose your nail-biting habit that’s negatively impacting your oral health and resolve them promptly. 

Habits are understandably challenging to break because we are used to doing it when we feel a particular emotion, such as sadness or panic; however, they have harmful side effects. When you have a prolonged pattern of nail-biting, chances are you are slowly deteriorating your teeth. Here are a few of the reasons that nail-biting affects your teeth:

  • It Deteriorates Your Enamel

When you are biting your nails, the sharp pieces of bits of your nails degrades the quality of your enamel and can affect the performance of your teeth.

  • It May Leave Gaps

Pressure in your jaw can occur when you are biting your nails since the process of nail-biting increases the tension when you bite your nails. However, when you are worried about having it fixed immediately, South Cambridge Dental offers its doors 6 days a week to give you optimal and quality treatments. 

  • You May Chip Your Tooth or Teeth

Excessively biting your nails can also lead to a chipped tooth,     especially when you are putting too much tension in your teeth where you bite your nails, and it can potentially damage your tooth, which leads to being chipped.

  • Increased Risk of Gum Diseases

Biting your nails could also harm your gums that can, later on, turn into a gum disease or Periodontal disease such as gingivitis. Gum disease occurs because the bacteria that collects on your fingernails are now transferring to your teeth.
The consequences of nail-biting can become severe – that’s why you should not ignore this type of habit. Our skillful team at South Cambridge Dental can help you assess and resolve issues that arise due to your nail-biting habit. For you to achieve your bright and appealing smile, call us to book an appointment.

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