The Top Four Reasons Why It’s Important to Visit Your Dentist Regularly 

The Top Four Reasons Why It’s Important to Visit Your Dentist Regularly 


If you’re like most people, there are probably a lot of places you’d rather be than the dentist’s chair. But while visiting your dentist may not be the most exciting part of your year, it’s an important component to any complete health and wellness routine. 

Here’s why it’s so important to visit your dentist in South Cambridge regularly.

1.            Regular dental visits will help you avoid unnecessary pain and discomfort

When you visit the dentist regularly, you are giving your Cambridge dentist and team the opportunity to catch early-stage erosion, gum disease and chipped or cracked teeth when they are still easy to treat, before they progress into cavities, periodontitis and lost or broken teeth, all of which require more invasive, less comfortable treatment options.

2.            Regular dental visits will help you save money in the long-term

Dental visits are often covered by extended health benefits, but even when they’re not, a routine dental visit is much less expensive than dental surgery or tooth replacement options. By visiting the dentist regularly and fixing small problems before they become big problems, you will save money by avoiding the need for treatments like dentures, implants, crowns, and bridges, all of which can be expensive.

3.            Regular dental visits will help you maintain a bright, white smile

Regular dental treatments include a cleaning and polishing, which removes the stains that develop in your day-to-day activities like coffee or wine drinking. Plus, when you’re at the dentist you have easy access to dental assistants and hygienists who are extremely knowledgeable about tooth whitening options. They will offer you advice on which treatments would be most effective for you.

4.            Regular dental visits will help you stay healthy

Your South Cambridge dentist and team are specially trained to check for the early signs of mouth and throat cancers, which can be easily treated if caught early. If allowed to progress and develop, these cancers can be life-altering and even fatal. Plus, studies have shown correlations between periodontitis and heart disease, so by visiting the dentist regularly and catching gingivitis before it becomes periodontitis, you can avoid the increased risk associated with this illness.

If it’s been a while since you’ve been to the dentist and you’re ready to get back on track with regular appointments, call our office at South Cambridge Dental today. We’ll find a time for you to come in, meet our team, have your current condition assessed, and build a treatment plan that works with your unique situation.

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