The Difference Between Tooth Decay And A Cavity

The Difference Between Tooth Decay And A Cavity


Growing up, you have most likely heard the term tooth decay or cavity during one of your dental visits. The terms, although similar, do not mean the same thing. Yes, they both cause damage to your teeth. However, tooth decay is what leads to cavities. Foods that contain acidic ingredients and sugar, poor oral hygiene, and other health problems are all potential causes of tooth decay. A cavity is when the bacteria builds up enough to create a hole in your tooth, leaving your roots exposed to harmful infection. One thing’s for certain; they both come from the development of bacteria in your mouth. In simple terms, tooth decay is a long and slow process, while a cavity is quick process because of its deteriorating effects.

What are the symptoms of tooth decay?

  • Tooth sensitivity – One of the main symptoms of tooth decay is being sensitive to hot and cold temperatures of foods and beverages. When you are prone to tooth sensitivity, the outer layer of your tooth called ‘dentin’ starts to wear out and makes your tooth more sensitive. 
  • Toothache – When you are experiencing a frequent toothache, it is most likely a sign of a cavity. A toothache can indidicate tooth decay due to a bacteria or infectioninfiltrating your teeth and gums. 
  • A hole in the tooth – If you develop a hole in one of your teeth, it may mean you have a cavity. The main cause of having a hole in the tooth is a mix of several factors, such as poor oral hygiene and plaque build-up. The effects of having a hole in the tooth do not only provide you with discomfort but also bad breath halitosis. 

What are the ways to prevent cavity and tooth decay? 

There is no shortcut or easy way to obtain good oral health. We each have our vices or sweet tooth that may be hard to ignore. However, any effort made into bettering your oral health can make a difference. Here are the preventive measures to alleviate or lessen the chances of having tooth decay and cavity:

  • Improve healthy oral hygiene – It may be a usual routine for people, but not everyone does it correctly. Brushing your teeth twice a day is the recommended advice made by dental experts, but it should also be accompanied by flossing and mouthwash. It is also important to learn that brushing your teeth too hard does not equate the removing all the bacterias inside your mouth.
  • Maintain a healthy balanced meal – Giving your body the right nutrients and vitamins it needs is very beneficial. Apart from giving your body energy, foods can also be greatly beneficial to your oral health. 
  • Visit a Cambridge Dentist regularly – The most important part of preventing cavities and tooth decay is visiting your nearest South Cambridge Dentistry. When visiting your nearest dentist, they will facilitate an extensive oral exam to determine the condition of your oral health. Apart from conducting a routine dental check-up, a dentist will also care for your smile by giving professional advice and personalized dental care suitable for your oral health needs. 

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable Dentist in Cambridge, visit South Cambridge Dental. Our priority is to give you the best dental treatment and experience. Call us at 226-318-0927 to book your appointment!

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