Healthy Nutrients Equal Better Oral Health

Healthy Nutrients Equal Better Oral Health


When you talk about oral health, the general public and dental health community would suggest that you brush your teeth diligently, floss as often as possible, and use a mouthwash to eliminate bacteria and odour in your mouth. However, many people overlook how your diet can either negatively or positively affect your teeth and gums. Knowing what foods to avoid to maintain optimal oral health is essential no matter how old you are. Your teeth need healthy nutrients, just like any other part of your body. That’s why it’s good to take care of your diet aside from brushing and flossing every day. 

What Foods Do Your Cambridge Dentists Suggest?

  • Fibre-rich food – A diet that consists of fibre can help you improve your oral health. If you like berries, nuts, and bread, keep up the excellent work! These types of food can significantly promote strength in your enamel and teeth. 
  • Rich in calcium – Yogurt, milk, and any other products containing calcium could also help you enhance the quality of your teeth. Calcium does not only help you strengthen your teeth but also your bones. 
  • Food that contains phosphorus – Although phosphorus is in milk and other dairy products, protein-rich foods like meat, poultry, and fish also have this nutrient. It serves the same function as calcium and fibre-rich food in giving your teeth more strength. 

Being cautious about your teeth is good, but the best option is to visit your dentist at least twice a year to guarantee healthier oral health. South Cambridge Dental, a dentist in Cambridge, can give you a careful examination to attend to your needs and provide you with advice on maintaining optimal oral health.
Although no food is guaranteed to protect your teeth, you can do minimal preventions to ensure that your teeth stay healthy and strong. Talk to your dentist in Cambridge to learn more about the types of prevention we offer at South Cambridge Dental. Remember to eat healthily and make sure to have regular dental check-ups for optimal oral health. Achieve the smile you’ve always wanted, and call us today at 226-318-0927 to book an appointment!

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