Bone Grafting: A Dental Treatment To Restore Your Smile!

Bone Grafting: A Dental Treatment To Restore Your Smile!


Every oral problem has a corresponding professional treatment, from periodontal disease, tooth infection, and cavities. A Cambridge dentist can help you assess which type of treatment is suitable for your oral problem. However, dental treatments can also vary for people who experience complex dental issues. Once your dentist identifies the level of complexity regarding the condition of your teeth and gums, they will then suggest what type of treatment suits your needs, from minor to invasive procedures.

When certain parts of the mouth are deteriorating quickly, you may need extensive treatment depending on the severity of your case. Bone grafting is a known treatment option among dental professionals. People who suffer from gum disease, jaw injuries, and tooth gaps, are all candidates for dental bone grafting. 

How does dental bone grafting work?

Dental bone grafting is a procedure that helps people struggling to maintain their facial structure and jawbones. The treatment starts by removing a patient’s healthy bone and transplanting it to the affected area. Bone grafting is a solution for people who want to replace the affected or damaged area in their mouth. After the bone grafting procedure, it can provide a sturdy foundation for an implant placed in your mouth. A dental bone grafting can vary from a patient’s case. Visit a Cambridge dentist today and let us help you decide what kind of treatment you need for your oral health.

How does dental bone grafting affect oral health?

Most dentists suggest that dental bone grafting is a minor invasive surgery because it does not require a large number of bones to harvest in your body. Dental bone grafting does not only help repair the affected bones in your mouth, but it also helps in stabilizing the teeth and preventing tooth loss if a patient is not undergoing an implant.

What are the benefits of having dental bone grafting?

The primary function of bone grafting is to replace or restore the damaged area in your mouth. However, there are also additional benefits that dental bone grafting has to offer. Below are the following benefits of bone grafting:

  • Improves support of dental appliances such as crowns and bridges, dentures, and dental implants
  • Helps to restore lost or damaged areas that have been affected by an infection, which can reverse and minimize the chance of bone loss 
  • Improves the overall appearance of your teeth

The recovery process of having a dental bone grafting treatment can vary for each person. The healing process of a dental bone grafting procedure can be up to three to nine months, depending on how the recipient manages the aftercare procedure. Dentists in Cambridge suggest that patients eat soft foods such as mashed potatoes and oatmeals to have a speedy recovery. 
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